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What Makes Us Unique?

Touched By An Angel is a skin and hair care product line formulated for both women and men; alike. Touched By An Angel was created to encourage healthy skin, hair growth, and manageability for all skin and hair textures; ranging from young to aged skin as well as very fine straight to very coarse curly textured hair.

Touched By An Angel ‚Äč

Touched By An Angel was created by a licensed skin and hair care professional with a foundation in cosmetology, esthetics, and barbering. While working professionally in the industry, there was a foreseen need for great professional hair care and skin care products for both men and women. The goal was to create a product that was invigorating for both women and men; alike. After careful research, it was discovered that there were so many skin and hair products on the market and thoughts became a bit skeptical on what would make Touched By An Angel different. What would give the professional hair care and skin care product a niche, an edge?

At that moment Touched By An Angel was born! It was clear on what the product line would bring to the world. Touched By An Angel would promote healthy scalp, hair, and skin for both women and men, while encouraging healthy hair growth, radiant skin, and confidence in everyone who is Touched By An Angel

                                               Matthew 17:20